Send Us Your Cases

Step 1 - Let Us Know Your Preferences

We understand that every clinician has their personal style. Please fill out our Clinical Preference Form. The data you provide will allow our technicians immediate access to common questions that arise in production, saving time and calls. This is one of the many ways we customize your lab experience.

Step 2 - Sending Cases

Traditional Impressions
Specific information is critical to ensure your case is delivered as expected. Please fill out our Rx form and include in the delivery box.
For GTA and out-of-town clinicians, simply give us a call and let us arrange a pick-up for you! 
No matter where your practice is, THE SHIPPING COST IS ALWAYS ON US.

Digital Scans
We are able to receive scans from all systems that send STL files including iTero, Planscan, CEREC, 3 Shape Trios, Medit and Carestream systems. Should you have any questions or need help when connecting, please give us a call, we are happy to help!
Online Customer Portal
By logging into our customer portal, you can view & modify your information, submit new cases & view past cases, make payments & view statements, and request pick-ups.

Step 3 - Lab Production

After receiving your case, with your preference data stored on file, our technician can begin working on your case and give you the very best result. 

Please note that the turnaround time for each case can be varied depending on the case. In general, digitally scanned impression cases take less time in production than traditional impression cases.

Example: Single unit Zirconia crown

  • Traditional impression: 4 - 5 working days 

  • Digital scan: 3 - 4 working days

Step 4 - Finish & Return Cases

Once your case is done and individually checked by our lab manager, we will make sure the case returns to your office before the patient's appointment.