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Nightguards & Splints


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Thermo-plastic treatment appliance that protects all teeth and muscle fatique from clenching while sleeping. The thermo-plastic material flexes in warm water, and when placed in the patients mouth it conforms to the contours of the teeth. The advantage of Clear-adapt is that it combines the advantage of a hard acrylic splint with those of a more pliable splint.


This is a unique combination of a heat cure hard acrylic laminate construction with a thermo-plastic tooth and tissue side. This offers the best of both worlds for patients of heavy bruxers and clenchers.

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Clear Splint

The Clear Splint is a soft thermoplastic splint that is also monomer free.

Other Nightguards:

  • Hard Acrylic

  • MT Sinai Splint

  • Kois Splint

*All splints can be customized according to any special needs you may require. I.e cuspid rise, no occlusal coverage of anteriors, clasps etc. 

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Removable Appliances

We have the ability to produce both Hawley and Essix retainers. 

Snoring and Sleep Appliances


Space Maintainers

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